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Dr Jaclyn (Jackie) Atkinson, Osteopath

Clinic Director

Jackie is a passionate Osteopath. She believes that Osteopathy offers a holistic and natural way of addressing the body’s physical ailments to enhance well being.

She has always been interested in people, the process of learning and how we evolve over time. Her Diploma of Education placed her in secondary school learning environments observing learning styles and processes. She taught anatomy at Victoria University whilst completing her degree. She is continually updating her skills and has completed a graduate certificate in Infant and Neonatal manual therapy.  She has undertaken further study in the areas of Osteopathy in the cranial field, biodynamics and how primitive reflexes build into postural well being. She is interested in the way children learn and how the body builds strength, regulation and control through movement. She has worked extensively with families over the years to assist them understand developmental patterns, motor co-ordination and sensory integration.  She also works with parents and carers with new borns who may have feeding concerns,  torticollis and less regular head shapes  and “colic” like symptoms.   Jackie feels that kids are always a joy to be around and supporting kids through pivotal times is instrumental to their well being.

Osteopath’s treat all areas of the body but are well known for assisting complaints around the neck, back (spine), viscera and specific joint complaints (eg, hips, knees and shoulders) as well as trauma based injuries, sport’s injuries and repetitive strain injuries in people of all ages and stages of life. Jackie is an experienced Osteopath, who is well versed in traditional Osteopathic philosophy (that is, how the structure and function of the body is integral to undertanding a holistic view of the body) and uses this as is the building block of her treatments. Her Masters study was on Reflective Practice and how we continue to learn as practitioners.

Jackie has worked in rural Victoria and New Zealand prior to settling back into Melbourne. She enjoys an active lifestyle with two children, working and playing in the local community. Relaxation includes laughing, yoga, running and being in the great outdoors with family and friends.