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Dr Shaun HoultShaun Hoult, Osteopath

Shaun is a passionate Osteopath with a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics and dynamic interactions of the body.  This provides great specificity in his treatments and his methods of thinking have earned Shaun various teaching positions within Victoria University’s Osteopathy Program and with post-graduate teaching entities, working alongside some of the most highly regarded osteopaths within Australia. More recently, Shaun, has gained experience working in the UK.

The body functions as a whole and it is only as a whole that we should attempt to comprehend it.” ~~ Blechschmidt (2004)

Shaun has a high regard for holistic health.  While he enjoys seeing people with conditions of all sorts, he is particularly interested in addressing long-standing chronic issues that have so far unresolved with standard treatments.

A seemingly simple lower back or neck issue may involve attending to;

  • unresolved disturbances to the nervous system to allow proper regulation of the body’s systems.
    These disturbances can be related to past incidences of trauma and injury, illness, gut and pelvic issues, toxicity, surgery, medical and dental procedures;
  • the mechanics and neural influences of the foot, lower limb and viscera (organs) in reducing postural strain;
  • the integrity of the jaw and dental apparatus and the implication they have on overall health;
  • and more!

Shaun treats mainly using subtle unwinding and balancing techniques, including cranial osteopathy, and finds these can be incredibly helpful for people of all ages and demographics.

He is a provider of Prokinetic Insoles which, unlike the passive support of a tradition orthotic, can be used as a tool to help strengthen and retrain the body to overcome fallen arches and other issues related to poor posture.